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Videos from our travels around Australia


May 2019

Noccundra south wast Queensland

       Video flooded road With a few creek crossings and flooded fields about 130 km from the Noccundra we ventured around a bend to be stopped by four “B-Triple” cattle trucks and one campervan halted in the middle of the road in front of us. The road ahead was flooded to about one metre of water over one of the three causeways so there was no way we were going to cross it, and the truckies said they would not cross anything over 0.3 meter. With the ground on either side of the road very soggy, there was also no way we would be able to turn around without being severely bogged. So it was a free camp for us all that evening waiting for the water to subside.


April 2019

Eulo south wast Queensland

       Eulo Flood flooded road Eulo on the banks of the Paroo River where we come to a stop. Literally, the road is closed with the river flooding the bridge by a meter and surrounding countryside. Again we realise how lucky we are to see this as it has been over 7 years since their last decent rainfall and it was a blessing that Cyclone Trevor came low enough that the river system was being fed this far south.


August 2018

Wentworth Point NSW

       Sale video Mariners Cove Our home of about 19 years at Mariners Cove, Wentworth Point we took the plunge and decided to sell it, so we organised painters and real-estate agents and solicitors and before we realised it our time in Sydney had again stretched and it was time to go.


October 2017

Kings Canyon

       Kings Canyon Video We reached the canyon and started the climb and as this was the second time we had done it we knew what to expect. Though Brad had not been there before he was well informed, we all had water bottles and apples to help us through the walk. The rim walk is 6km round trip and it says it will take you 3-4 hours and it did. The hardest part was the steep walk up to the rim and from there it was relatively easy even for me.