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November 1st 2018 – November 30th 2018

After two nights stay at Bellingen, once again at the showground it was time to pack up and head north.
We decided to try a new spot at a place called Red Rock. This is just north of Coffs Harbour and another very tiny town. It has a small shop and a bowling club where if we had stuck around we could have spent Melbourne Cup there for a buffet for $15.00, what a bargain! Red Rock campsite was close to the beach and the mouth of the river Saltwater Creek . You can see where it got its name with the striking colour of the rock, being red, on the coastal areas. Lovely spot and we enjoyed a few great walks in the days we were there. One walk was along the shoreline of the river where we came across Gnome Home tree. Someone had set up a tree and surrounded it with Gnomes, Fairies and Elves. There is a letter box where children have left the cutest letters to the gnomes and I have no idea who set this magic spot up in the bush, but I think it’s marvellous.

 Red Rock point looking south    Red rocks on the beach      Red rocks on the beach
Red Rock point looking south               Red rocks on the beach                     Red rocks on the beach

 Saltwater Creek    Looking north from Red Rocks      Gnome Home tree
Saltwater Creek               Looking north from Red Rocks                     Gnome Home tree

After our three days we headed back to Ballina where we have again based ourselves to check out how our house plans were going. We have also bought an investment property and as the tenants were moving out we planned to do some work on the place prior to new tenants moving in. Now the house plan situation hasn’t changed but the land looked all ready to go. We even have the street name for our new abode, Leach Crescent. Oh my, who thought that was a nice name, certainly not me who has a bit of a leech phobia.
Having a visit from Geoff’s nephew Craig specifically to go fishing I am happy to report that the expression that I have used often during our 2½ years travel “no fish have been harmed in this trip” has now changed. The drought is broken and my husband has caught two very nice flat head and I had the pleasure of him cooking me a delicious feast of fresh fish.

 Fishing Ballina               Cooking the catch
Fishing Ballina                               Cooking the catch

Another days we explored an area not far from Ballina called Flat Rock which is well known for great birding. Geoff was in his element perched on the rock,( which believe it or not was flat), with his camera getting some very amazing shots, while I walked up the point and back to get up my steps.

 Bird photos Flatrock    Every good Turn deserves another      Turn with a fish
Bird photos Flat Rock               Every good Turn deserves another                     He did bring a gift

Our investment house became vacant and we received the keys on the Saturday from our agent. So the garage got painted and a red wall is now white making it so much lighter. Lights got repaired and new lights installed and Geoff grouted the kitchen floor and I got eaten alive while we both were doing a tidy up in the garden. We also needed to locate new remote controls for the garage and air conditioning unit and drip trays for the stove top, thank heaven for the internet when you don’t know the area very well. It all looked very schmick and lucky for us the tenants moved in on the Thursday so it was a lot of work in a short few days.
As the caravan was in the park we were happy to leave it for a few nights and venture up to the gold coast to see our friends Michelle and Stephen. We also had the added bonus with a catch up with more Sydney friends David and Margaret, who were also in Tamworth with us. They were staying in a time share up there so it was great timing for the six of us to go to lunch.

 Mariners team lunch              Mariners team @ GoldCoast
Mariners team lunch               Mariners team @ GoldCoast

The next morning was perfect weather for us to go out with Stephen on his boat to do a spot of fishing and just a wonderful cruise around the waterways. Steve was keen to find a spot called Jumping Pin Bar known for its fishing, so with maps, GPS and Geoff navigating they finally found it and lo and behold Geoff managed to catch a fish. To celebrate and commiserate as Steve didn’t get a bite, we headed off down the Broadwater to have a cheeky bottle of wine at Tipplers on South Stradbroke Island. It was a wonderful day and a brilliant few days with our friends

 Geoff with fish    Drinks at Tipplers      Steve just had a Tipple
Geoff with fish               Drinks at Tipplers                     Steve just had a Tipple

We also had time to drive to Tweed Heads and have lunch with my aunt and uncle and Geoff’s brother and nephew John and Craig. Of course we also had a great time with Geoff’s other brother, Paul and his family. Being Pauls birthday we joined them for a family night at a wonderful house they had hired at Newrybar . The house was magic and in a beautiful location with a tennis court, swimming pool and magnificent views out to the coast. Geoff put the drone up and got some great shots of the house layout and surrounding farm land. It is such a lovely spot in the hinterlands of NSW. Everything was green and it makes you forget that our country is in a very bad drought period.

 Newrybar House    Looking to the coast      Steve just had a Tipple
Newrybar House               Looking to the coast                     Steve just had a Tipple

 Geoff & Paul Bros    Killen Falls Newrybar      Killen Falls Newrybar
Geoff & Paul Bros               Killen Falls Newrybar                     Killen Falls Newrybar

The weeks flew past and before we realised it the time had come to leave and start to head south.