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Wednesday 1st August – Sunday 12th August 2018

Never having travelled out these parts before, the mid west of NSW and we decided to head to Lake Cargelligo with a night’s stay at West Wyalong to break up the journey. We stayed at the Showground and were able to stay hooked up to the caravan. Lake Cargelligo was very interesting we did some adventure drives and walks around the area. Again we noticed how dry the landscape is and the only relief was the lake and wetlands that are fed from the Lachlan river.

 West Wyalong Showground    Lachlan river      White-fronted Chat
West Wyalong Showground               Lachlan river                     Weir Lachlan river

Birds around Lake Cargelligo

 Wedge-tailed Eagle    Wedge-tailed Eagle      Wedge-tailed Eagle
Wedge-tailed Eagle being annoyed by a Crow

 Red capped Robin    Blue Bonet Parrot      White-fronted Chat
Red capped Robin               Blue Bonet Parrot                     White-fronted Chat

 Mallee Ringneck Parrot    Cockatiel      Pink-eared Duck
Mallee Ringneck Parrot               Cockatiel                     Pink-eared Duck

Making our way further East we stayed at Condobolin. This is another town that thought outside the square to get the tourists in town. They have a Utes in the Paddock display, which is a very cool sculpture attraction of classic Holden pickups painted by famous Australian Artists. From the outback loo to a Bottle of Bundaberg Rum it is worth taking the time to explore each of the exhibits. Very clever indeed as each ute is a different model (Geoff picked that one out as I had no idea) starting from the earliest to the more current series.

 Condobolin    Holden Ute      Holden Utes
Debbie meeting the dog           FX Holden Ute                 Holden Ute

 Holden Ute    Holden Ute      Holden Utes
Holden Ute          FJ Holden Ute                 Holden Ute

We are lucky to be able to spend a couple of days in each place and explore the area before moving on. Next destination is the wonderful town Boorowa. Never heard of it before and didn’t realise what a gem of a place this is. For a start the town has amazing heritage buildings and is on the Boorowa River which is a tributary of the Lachlan River. We visited the tourist information centre and had a look at the arts and crafts on display for sale. Homemade jams, knitted beanies and scarves and some beautiful felting were also on display. The building was previously part of the court house and we had a quick peak inside the actual court room.

 Boorowa    Boorowa Council Building      Old Court House
Boorowa Hotel           A bit cold infront of Council bulding                 Old Court House

It was in this town that we followed a herd of cows on the long paddock (the side of the road). The wind was bitterly cold and we stopped and had a chat to the drover. How interesting to find out how the drought has impacted on the farmers. This mob of cows has been travelling for months. The cost per head is $35 to run on the long paddock per month. Plus you have to take into consideration the drovers wages, truck fuel and further expenses just to keep this mob alive. Let’s all hope we get some decent rain soon.

 Cattle on the road            Video Icon             Cattle on the road
Cattle on the Long Paddock           Click link above to hear the drover         Cattle on the Long Paddock

Leaving the river we headed up the southern highlands and stay at Mittagong for a few nights. Just love this area with its green landscape, quaint towns all in easy driving distance, and wonderful national parks. It was a shame we only had limited time and we will come back another day to explore the area some more. Not far from Sydney but when you are working you tend not to spend as much time exploring what is just a stone throw away from home. Besides the lovely towns we did a walk around Fitzroy Falls and also visited Barren Grounds another national park that is certainly not barren. With pretty wild flowers and track lined with ferns it was worth the visit and will be great to see when there is more water in the area from a bit of, need I say it again, rain.

 Fitzroy Falls    Lyrebird      Lyrebird
Fitzroy Falls           Lyrebird                 Lyrebird impressing a female

Monday 13th August – Friday 31st August 2018

We are back in Sydney again and for another special occasion. Our good friends Bronwyn and Anthea are about to tie the knot and we were thrilled to have been invited and able to attend their special ceremony. Branthea as the two are known were getting married at Rhodes so we decided to stay the night at our apartment and made camp with our air mattress and pillows and blankets. With other chores to be done like new glasses for Geoff and dentist and doctor check for both of us our week in Sydney spread into two. Oh well, our time is our own and with no pressing plans might as well tie up some lose ends.
So on Sunday 26th we left town again heading up the coast to stay the night with my sister at Toukley. From here we went back to Forster for a few nights and investigated Booti Booti National Park Exploring the area we headed into the forest and also along the shore lines of Wallis Lakes where we discovered a family of gnomes having a family day out. After one night in Woolgoolga we were back in Ballina.

 Debbie at Booti Booti    Family of gnomes      Debbie & Geoff @ Cape Hawke
Debbie Debbie at Booti Booti           Family of gnomes                 Debbie & Geoff @ Cape Hawke