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Debbie and Geoff in 2016 put together a Ford Ranger and a Lotus 21ft Freelander caravan. We had decided to go and have a good look at this wonderful country we live in. Yes the Great Australian Dream, Grey Nomads on the move. The plan was for about two years so let’s see what happens. Below is the latest Blog with each other month Archived, see these from the Menu bar above.


Saturday 1st – Monday 3rd June 2019

With 2 nights to stay at the Burdekin Falls Dam we were hoping for a bit finer weather, but alas it was not to be. The wind blew and it was a bit cold and rainy but still a wonderful spot. So after our two nights we headed towards Ravenswood which we decided was one of the best historic mining towns that we have come across. With two very historic pubs and some wonderful displays around the town it was place worth exploring. We had lunch in the Railway Hotel and the owner Terry took us for a guided tour. He has done quite a bit of work on the place and it really is a credit to him. Being a collector the décor was full of surprises, from art nouveau ornaments to a variety of old cars, he had it all on display.

 Burdekin Falls Dam camp     Spotted Bowerbird      Whistling Kites
Burdekin Falls Dam camp                 Spotted Bowerbird                                 Whistling Kites

 Butterfly     Butterfly      Butterfly

 Railway Hotel Ravenswood     Ravenswood Post Office      Railway Hotel Illusion
Railway Hotel Ravenswood                 Ravenswood Post Office                   Railway Hotel Illusion

 Railway Hotel Interior         Railway Hotel Interior          Railway Hotel Interior            Railway Hotel Interior
Railway Hotel Interior

Tuesday 4th – Wednesday 17th June 2019

Lucky for us we arrived in Townsville just in time to help our niece Prue pack up her home and get ready for the family to move into their new house that they have built. Three years previous at the start of our trip, was the last time we saw her and we certainly have missed her, Trent and the family. Their small house has gotten smaller with the addition of a lovely baby girl Zoe, so we could not have timed it better for our arrival to pitch in and help with the move. With her husband Trent away at the mine working we were more than happy to help with the packing as we knew as soon as Trent returned the big move would be on.
As it also happened to coincide with my birthday and our 3rd year trip anniversary (I cannot believe we have been on the road that long) we took Prue out to lunch down to the local pub and was entertained by a very tame possum that liked hot chips. But there again, who doesn’t like a chip or two.

 Prue & Trent house     Deb's birthday lunch     Prue & Trent house
Prue & Trent house                 Deb's birthday lunch                   Prue & Trent house

What would be a trip to Townsville without visiting the Town Common Conservation Area for a spot of bird watching and a good 9 km walk to stretch our legs. Birds, wetlands and butterflies were spotted as we walked enjoying the warmth of the day and to finish off we watched a Jabiru and Brolga wading through the grass.

 Brolgas     Rainbow Beeeater     Jabiru
Brolgas                                 Rainbow Beeeater                   Jabiru (Black-necked Stork)

Trent returned so the next day it was all hands on deck as the move was on, boxes, furniture, kids and toys, trailers, truck and cars were loaded up and driven the 15 minutes to their new destination. With just the four of us we had our work cut out, but finally, they were installed in their beautiful new home and we hit the road again for a quick tour up north.

Thursday 18th - Monday 24th June 2019

With all our travelling we have never been the costal route from Townsville to Cairns. Last time we travelled via Mount Garnett and returned via the Gulf so this little gem of coast was missed. Unfortunately we were on a bit of a deadline so it was a quick trip to stay with friends at Forrest Beach . With their home located right on the beach we not only enjoyed the catch up but amazing sunsets as we sat around the bonfire. Geoff and Rob went out both mornings early for a fish and though the first day was a fizzer the next day was a winner. Geoff caught a Spanish Mackerel, Sweet Lips and a Tusk fish, and they were all just divine as our fiends insisted we take them with us and I was not about to argue. The time went way too quick and as we promised Prue and Trent that we would call back in to stay before Trent had to leave for work we were back on the road heading south again.

 Forrest Beach     Fish     Bron & Rod's house
Forrest Beach                             Catch of the day                   Bron & Rod's house

A few days more at Townsville to help with all the odd jobs to make a house into a home and a land into a resemblance of a yard and it was time again to say goodbye to our family as we headed south. Why would anyone want to head south at this time of year when the weather is perfect up in Townsville, well again we have plans and dates that need to be kept, so we were on the road again.

Tuesday 25th - Sunday 30th June 2019

Where we usually would take our time touring down the coast we set ourselves a date to be at our friends Shelley and Steve’s to attend a football match, so a few long days of driving were needed. With only nightly stops and no time for sightseeing we headed south staying at Charters Towers then Clermont which is known for gold mining and the caravan park was full of people with metal detectors trying to find their lucky nugget. Injune was our next night staying at the racecourse and then Toowoomba which was a surprising large town , before heading down to the Gold Coast and our friends place at Hollywell.

As we arrived there early morning we had a few hours till we headed to the stadium to cheer on Michelle’s team Manly Sea Eagles. Now only being the second football game I have ever attended I was a bit confused with the play, but I still cheered with everyone else and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And yes, Manly won!

Our time with our friends was a wonderful catch up and we even managed to meet up with Roe and Chris whom we stayed with in Tamworth. The weather was not the best and it was too blowy for us to go out on the boat, but that didn’t matter as we just enjoy their company and have fun whatever we do.